Profile of the Chairman


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Md. Aminul Haque
Chairman, Board of Directors
Representing Acorn Ltd.


He was first appointed to the Board as Director on 10 March 1996 and last re-appointed on 30 March 2015. Before being elected as Chairman for the current term with effect from June 01, 2014 he was the Chairman of the Board for a consecutive period of six years from 2005 to 2011.

After graduation from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 1962 as B. Sc Engineer, Mr. Haque started his career with Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan and subsequently joined the then East Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority as Assistant Engineer. In the year 1972, he established Greenland Engineers & Tractors Co. Ltd. (GETCO), dealer of Caterpillar Inc. - a world leader in the manufacture of construction equipments, diesel and gas engines and generators. A diversified and successful business personality, Mr. Haque is actively associated with a number of companies in the areas of banking, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing etc.

Mr. Haque is associated with other organizations namely Acorn Limited, Asia Gate L td., Fareast Stocks & Bonds Ltd., B-Trac Engineering Ltd., Prime Prudential Fund Ltd., THANE Technology, Bangla Trac Oil & Gas Ltd., Anirban Enterprise Ltd., Bangla Trac Power Ltd.