Our objective and strategies can never remain static. We constantly readjust the priorities based on the money market situation and macroeconomic situation prevailing in the country.
We have Diversified Investment Portfolio through a set of versatile Products & Services
Creating value for our shareholders is our prime Objective
K. M. Mobarak Hossain

Representing Khaled Textile Mills Ltd.

• He was appointed to the Board on 01 June 2014.
• He is a member of the Audit Committee and Executive Committee of the Company.

Mr. Hossain is the nominated director from Khaled Textile Mills Limited. He is a young entrepreneur with visionary thinking, commitment and dedication. He has an excellent academic record. He within a short span of time has proven his entrepreneurship skills in IT and Capital Market sector.

Mr. Hossain is also the Director of GETCO Digital Ltd. and Prime Islami Securities Ltd. He is a graduate of Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide, Australia.