Principal Business Activities

Prime Finance & Investment Limited commenced operations by providing leasing and hire purchase financing for clients. Subsequently the Company have gone through a metamorphosis and based on the demands of the time, started diversifying into Corporate, SME and Real Estate sector (corporate & individual) in the form of term and lease financing. In 2014, Prime Finance introduced car loan, factoring and personal loan as complementary to the mainstream products.

Investment products in the form of deposits are remaining the mainstream liability side products of the Company.

Financial Products 
  • Term finance
  • Lease finance
  • Real estate finance
  • Bridge/equity finance
  • Syndicated finance
  • SME finance
  • Factoring
  • Car finance
  • Consumer finance
  • Bill discounting
  • Hire purchase
Deposit Products 
  • Semi annual deposit
  • Annual income deposit   
  • Cumulative income deposit
  • Monthly income deposit
  • Quarterly income deposit
  • Half-yearly income deposit
  • Sonchoy Plus MID
  • Double income deposit
  • Triple income deposit
  • Earn ahead deposit
  • Priority fixed deposit
  • Professional fixed deposit
  • Doctors’ fixed deposit
  • Contribution FDR
DPS Products
  • Housing deposit scheme
  • Sonchoy DPS
  • Fortune DPS

Term Finance
Term finance is the leading product of Prime Finance & Investment Limited. The strategy of focusing on the profitable, low risk business the Company is focusing on SME sector.

Lease Finance
Lease financing activity represents asset based financing. Through lease financing we facilitated small and medium type enterprises to access to the finance. We offer leasing as a modern financial instrument for managing corporate investments in movable equipment. We concentrated only on full payout financial lease transaction for financing a wide range of capital machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Real-estate Finance
Historically Prime Finance used to concentrate on the real estate developers for construction of residential apartment, construction of commercial building and corporate office.

Consumer Finance
We offer affordable and flexible housing finance, car finance at a competitive interest rate to the desired consumers who have dream of owning a home or car into reality. We started housing finance in 2010 with a portfolio of BDT 3.5 mn only where we ended 2014 with a portfolio of BDT 40 mn in housing finance.

Factoring Finance
We offer factoring as a comprehensive financial service that includes credit protection, accounts receivable bookkeeping, collection services and financing to the small businesses that face challenges to access financing to utilize their production cycle. We started factoring in 2014 and ended with considerable financing of BDT 24.96 mn.

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