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 pc datta    
Prof. Dr. Parimal Chandra Datta
Independent Director
  • He was first appointed to the Board on 26 February 2012 and last re-appointed on 28 March 2015.
  • He is Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Company.

Mr. Datta is the Independent Director of the Company. He started his career in teaching profession in the year 1974. During this 40 years of teaching experience he has held the position of Chairman, Department of Accounting, Jagannath University the then Jagannath College, Registrar of IBAIS University, Dhaka. Presently, he is the Professor of Accounting and Head of the Department of Business Administration under School of Business, Primeasia University, Dhaka.

Mr. Datta is also the author for more than 20 text books on Accounting and Finance disciplines. He has also written a good number of Articles on the various issues of Accounting and Finance which are published in the various journals of home and abroad.

He is also associated with other organization namely Prime Finance Capital Management Limited. He did Masters in Accounting from Dhaka University and Ph.D in Accounting & Finance from Preston University, USA.