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Qazi Saleemul Huq    
Qazi Saleemul Huq

Representing GQ Enterprise Limited

• He was first appointed to the Board on 10 March 1996 and last reappointed on 30 March 2015.

Mr. Huq is the nominated Director from GQ Enterprise Limited, one of the sponsors of Prime Finance & Investment Limited. He was one of the Sponsor Directors and former Chairman of Prime Bank Ltd. He is a Director of GQ Group, which is engaged in manufacturing pen, plastic furniture, disposable plastic wares, pp woven sacks, mosquito coils and snack foods. GQ Group is also one of the sponsors of Prime Insurance Company Ltd., Prime Bank Ltd., PFI Securities Ltd. and Prime Finance Capital Management Ltd.

Mr. Huq is actively engaged in philanthropic activities mainly providing scholarship to needy students and providing free medicine and arranging treatment to poor patients. He is one of the founders of Qazi Saleema Huq Women’s College and Qazi Saleema Huq Girls’ High School. He did Masters in Business Administration from IBA, University of Dhaka in the year 1979.